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Elena Kuroda (b. 1977) is a Spanish and Japanese artist. Born in Madrid and raised in Japan, she studied photography in Los Angeles (USA) where she worked for several years in the field while exhibiting her work in various galleries. Upon her return to Spain, she has continued showing her work and has been working as a freelance photographer. She uses photographs and drawings as a primary medium with the occasional use of video work in installations. Elena currently lives and works in Barcelona.


Elena Kuroda (n. 1977) es una artista española y japonesa. Nacida en Madrid y criada en Japón, estudió fotografía en Los Angeles (EUA), donde trabajó diversos años en el campo mientras exponía sus obras. Utiliza fotografías y dibujos como medio principal con el uso ocasional de trabajos de vídeo instalaciones. Actualmente, Elena vive y trabaja en Barcelona.



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